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Missions Interlink Northern Territory (MI NT) operates with a passion to see churches in Northern Territory effectively engaged in cross-cultural and global mission. MI NT brings together mission organisations, Bible colleges, churches and service organisations to foster collaboration in a common purpose to promote, equip and inspire believers to reach the nations with the Gospel. 

Serve with us.

To serve or to connect with Indigenous ministry, visit our page on Mission Seek.

You can also visit the Indigenous Ministry Resources page.

Encouraging people to be sent out from the Territory

  • To explore together opportunities for mission reps to also challenge Indigenous folk about overseas mission needs as well.

  • Work together to run (at least) one mission trip with Christians from The Territory.

Click here to find Promotion of MI NT Ministries

Network with us.

Prayer and Fellowship Gatherings

MI NT runs prayer and fellowship gatherings 4 times a year. This is a great place for networking. You can also apply to be a host in Darwin, as well as Nhulunbuy, Alice Springs, or where people with a heart for the mission can gather. It will expose more people to your mission. You will be promoted as a host on the website and FB.

On the "Prayer Points,"  it will be demonstrated that you are an Associate or a Member of MI by "*" sign. Your prayer points are prioritised within the prayer and fellowship gathering.


MINT can help you to connect with  Darwin Christian Ministers Association in order to

  • Connect with Christian mission workers and Pastors of Darwin

  • Advertise events that support local ministries

  • To attend the gathering as an MI mission representative visiting the NT every first week of the month.

Promotional benefits

Mission Seek

Advertising opportunities with no fees on ‘Missions Seek Northern Territory’ web page.

A website where people can be directed to serve in the NT in opportunities missions actually want help with. Being an Associate / Member of MI you can be included in promotion by sending in your best quality footage. We (& you can to) plan to advertise this website at conferences down south and in the Territory (e.g. Together NT).

Otherwise, for non-Associate / Members there is a fee of $50 per vacancy.

Give Higher

Advertise projects with no fees for funding opportunities on GiveHigher NT page, including an Indigenous Australian focus.

Brochures/Website - Can be included on advertising like MI NT brochures and websites (including logos on ‘Missions Seek Northern Territory’ page).

Stands - You are entitled to a free of charge promotional stand at the Aboriginal Fellowship Evening which is part of the MIST course (mostly second weekend of March).

Otherwise, for non-Associate / Members there is a payment required of $40.

Distribution – You can also give me a brochure that advertises your mission, and will use it where I see suitable in other opportunities. I have run a stand so far at ‘Multiplying the Multitude’ and ‘NT Together’ to raise awareness.

National Promo –  If the event is appropriate for national promotion, we can also advertise your events interstate in other MI network updates, and on the MI National Facebook page.

Train with us.


Transition Training Remote Indigenous Ministry (T-TRIM)

MI T-TRIM is based on Transition Training course but adjusted for those wanting to live and work with Aboriginal Australians.


Language Learning

We will connect you with Cathy Bow who teaches the MILL (Missions Interlink Language Learning course). An experienced language coach and linguist based in Darwin, she can mentor people face-to-face or online. No matter what language you are learning, if you’re a complete beginner or wanting to break through to the next level, she can support you in this challenging but rewarding journey. Cathy also has linguistic insight across various Aboriginal languages as well.

For more information visit MILL page.


If you come up with an idea, that works across missions and would like to partner to gain approval for it to be run as MI event,  let us hear from you on how Missions Interlink NT can support you more.

 As an Associate/Member, you can have access to my reports to the MI National Leadership Team.

For any of these, to build more collaboration and better networking, either catch up with our NT-coordinator Rachel Borneman next time she is visiting Darwin, come along to Prayer and Fellowship Gatherings or let's connect over zoom.



To see available retreat houses and holiday places in NT, visit our Missionary Accommodation page.

Contact us:

PO Box 1907, Katherine, NT 0851 State Co-ordinator: Rachel Borneman, Phone: 0412 998 594

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