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Mission Trips Training

What is MTT?

MTT (Mission Trips Training): one-day training for your church, college or agency going on the trips for up to 21 days ONLY. For organisations only, no individuals going on a trip alone can participate in the course; the MIST course is better suited to them.

MTT aims to:

  • encourage participants in their own discipleship for mission

  • “build the team” that is to go and also to link it more securely with the broader sending teams

  • sensitise the team in such a way that it is willing and able to respect the needs and perspectives of the local receiving community.

After this training, we hope your participants will:

  1. See their spiritual journey of missional servanthood

  2. Be aware of the skills needed for living and working in the community

  3. Be prepared for humble cross-cultural interactions

  4. Have “mission awareness” within the church community

  5. Understand the needs and perspectives of the local receiving community

  6. Be alerted to the danger of ill-considered motivation and of inappropriate behaviour

  7. Develop a realisation that Short Term Mission is best seen as a small part of a long-term sustainable missionary endeavour


Option 1:


This course is run by one of our facilitators

MI provides a soft copy of the participant's manual after full payment and asks the organisation to distribute it among people and print as many copies as they like ( if needed).

The inviting side provides the set-up ( projector, screen etc) and catering for participants+facilitator.

We also encourage agencies and churches to have a second day organised around the specific country they are preparing for: attend their main religious facilities, eat their food. have a trivia about the culture, history and traditions of the country, have an interview with a person who was born and raised there.

Participants receive MI Certificate of Completion


6-14 people $395 + GST

15-20 people $549 (2 facilitators) + GST

Option 2:


If the organisation or church want to purchase the right to facilitate the course on its own:

MI provides access to all the materials:

  • soft copies for facilitators and participants,

  • PowerPoints


To qualify for a Self Facilitated option, the organisation should have at least one facilitator who has:


$1499 + GST one-off payment ($1699 + GST for non MI members).

If the course is edited along the way, all the updates will be sent to the organisations free of charge.

An organisation can not use MTT materials outside of its registered ACNC entity. If there are many entities under the same name, each affiliated entity will need to pay a one-off additional fee of $199.

This course is suitable for people going on mission trips for no longer than three weeks. 

Although this course is designed for a specific group; short-term church, colleges, agencies teams going into cross-cultural situations, there are, in fact, three groups of stakeholders to be impacted by it:

  • The senders (sending church, sending mission agency, financial and prayer supporters, families of participants).

  • The participating team members.

  • The people to whom they are going (local church, receiving mission agency personnel, local organisation).

It is our intention that this MTT course will facilitate good outcomes for all stakeholders directly or indirectly. The absolute minimum is that there is harm to none.

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