Missions Interlink (MI) Associate

Missions Interlink (MI) Associate

Application process:

Step 1:

To apply for Missions Interlink (MI) Associate and to enjoy the benefits your organisation, church, college or ministry need to:

Note: Associate status is a prerequisite for becoming an MI Member.

Step 2:

Complete & Submit the Associate Member Application Form.

Step 3:

Attach two written reference letters from two different referees. 

The referees must be a CEO or a Chair of the Board of an organisation that is already an Associate or a Member of Missions Interlink. To find a suitable referee refer to our current list of Members and Associates

Please email us for assistance if you are unable to meet this requirement.

Step 4:

Once the application fee of $170 is received, your application will be proposed to the MI National Leadership Team for approval. The Associate application fee is not an additional cost, it will be credited towards your annual membership fee upon your acceptance as an Associate Member of MI. The annual fee is determined by the size of your organisation or ministry.


Upon application, an organisation will be reviewed against ACNC governance standards and External Conduct Standards in particular. To help our member organisations to simplify this legislation requirement, Missions Interlink together with Moores Lawyers have developed an ECS package that your organisation (as a new applicant) can purchase to assist in navigating through the ECS requirements.

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