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Margie Upson

Margie Upson
ProfessionCounsellor, debriefer, spiritual director
Cross Cultural ExperienceMargie trained as a counsellor as a result of her overseas mission experience in Nigeria. For 10 years of their 17 years there, she worked with those living and dying with HIV/AIDS. She undertook a degree in counselling from her alma mater, Laidlaw College, to become better equipped to counsel people. In 2011-13, Margie and her husband Roger worked at the Le Rucher centre, France to work with their model of debriefing for cross-cultural missionaries. Prompted by the trauma many of debriefers had experienced, she studied traumatology, training in both field traumatology for first response to critical events and clinical traumatology, for the assessment and treatment of trauma. On return to NZ, Margie completed the Spiritual Growth formation training for spiritual directors and is now a full member of the Association of Christian Spiritual Directors, Aotearoa. Her greatest joy with her private practice, Shalom Counselling, is to be available for people serving overseas for counselling or spiritual direction. She also receives people for debriefing at their life-style in Kapiti Coast for 3 night, 4-day debriefings. Margie is also available for training and retreats.
WorkplaceShalom Counselling Services
Phone+64, 220878986 (Skype: margie.upson)

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