Guide for Local Churches on: Assigning a Missions Coordinator



The mission coordinator is often the key to opening the door to cross-cultural and global mission involvement for the whole church.  The goal of this person is to mobilise their local church generally, and individuals in specific ways, to engage with God’s global mission.

Mission coordinators are the vital link between the local church, mission agencies, the missionary, and the church overseas.  Different churches will use different titles, but whatever you chose to call it, it is an important job!

As with all key ministry roles, it is important that the person serving as the mission coordinator believes God would have them serve in this role, is appointed/affirmed by the church, and is fully integrated into the church leadership structure.


  1. Due to the vast amount of work that this ministry area can entail, the mission coordinator is most effective when they are freed from other major church responsibilities and work as

     part of a team. This means mission coordinators seek to develop, lead, and be supported by a when striving to undertake the list of responsibilities below.

2. Responsibilities of a mission coordinator may include:

  • Stimulating interest in mission generally, and the work of some missionaries/agencies in particular

    • Involving people in line with their gifts

    • Mentoring potential cross-cultural workers and mobilisers

  • Being the link, or appointing other to be the links, between the local church, mission agencies and individual missionaries/projects

  • Caring

  • Resourcing church leaders with regular information, materials and ideas produced by mission agencies

  • Encouraging church leaders to form international two-way partnerships with national churches overseas

  • Advising church leaders on selections, projects and


    • Checking annually the support levels for missionaries and projects, considering factors such as inflation and personal circumstances

    • Identifying individuals/couples/families for preparation or selection as missionaries

    • Writing and offering to church leadership the church’s


  • Informing the church about missionaries, mission opportunities/needs, and training activities in Australia

    • Requesting a regular space in the church bulletin/magazine and using it imaginatively

    • Distributing missionary prayer letters/emails, magazines and event brochures promptly

    • Presenting regular reports on support levels for missionaries and projects, and on the church’s overall mission engagement

    • Promoting mission awareness and events through the church’s website and social media

    • Maintaining an attractive and current mission display board in a prominent place (e.g. photos, maps, factsheets/information booklets, the mission coordinator’s contact details, list of mission opportunities, current needs)

    • Stocking the church bookshelves/bookstall with up to date missionary biographies, Bible studies on mission etc. Write book reviews on these items and present them in the service mission spots or church bulletin/magazine

    • Ensuring missionaries receive opportunities to share their experiences and needs with the church (e.g. in services, small groups, programs)

  • Keeping up to date with what is happening in particular parts of the world relevant to the church’s specific interests/needs

    • Attending mission conferences and mission agency events

    • Maintaining awareness through books, periodicals, online subscriptions, media etc.

  • Sharing mission prayer news for church services and prayer meetings

    • Requesting and organising a “mission spot” in services

    • Providing mission prayer points for pastoral/congregational/intercessory prayer times

    • Coordinating and informing prayer support in Bible study groups and church prayer meetings

    • Encourage Sunday schools and youth groups to pray for missionaries and world mission needs

  • Organising the annual mission calendar, and specific mission events:

    • Special and/or regular mission prayer meetings

    • Mission expos to expose the church to a variety of mission agencies and opportunities

    • Mission workshops/conferences/seminars

    • Fundraising events for specific projects/needs

    • Guest speakers/preachers for services, programs or small groups (e.g. missionaries or agency representatives)

    • Focused mission weekends/months


1. Ellen Livingood, “Where Do We Start?: Steps forward at five ministry crossroads.” Catalyst Services Postings, Vol. 10, Iss. 1, 2015. 2. Ellen Livingood, “Passing the Baton to a new church missions leader.” Catalyst Services Postings, Vol. 8, Iss. 12, 2013.

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