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 The Generosity Secret

The Generosity Secret

How to Get Out of Debt and Find Financial Freedom

Nelson Searcy and Jennifer Dykes Henson

It may seem strange to suggest to those who are engaged in missions to read a book on the topic of financial debt and generosity. But even though we may be generous in our time and talents and even our lives, that does not exempt us from also being responsible and generous with our finances. For many, financial stress is a stumbling block to living an abundant life and ministering well. Financial fear should not be the norm for those who love and serve God and want to honor him in every way.

The Generosity Secret provides a proven strategy to break free from the financial stress that’s keeping one from living a joy-filled life. This practical, systematic approach to handling money in a God- honoring way guides the reader step-by-step away from a life of financial strain to a new reality of financial health and freedom. Yes, this book is geared toward Christians in general, but there are helpful principles and reminders for those of us who are engaged in ministry as well, especially those on mission home staffs.

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