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Rethinking Global Mobilization

Rethinking Global Mobilization

Calling the Church to Her Core Identity

Ryan Shaw

This book argues for a globalized mission mobilization that produces globalized cross- cultural mission. The book defends its argument for a comprehensive, overarching mobilization across the whole body of Christ in four ways: (1) by laying foundations for rethinking global mobilization; (2) by focusing on the biblical background of the Great Commission; (3) by analysing mission, mobilization, and revival history from AD 30 to the present; and (4) by answering the question, “What do we mobilize the Church to do?” The author (who has been involved in global mobilization for 20 years in over 65 nations) presents an in-depth study on mission mobilization as a response to the narrowly understood and normally neglected study of mobilization in missiology, offering a strategic framework for global mobilization.

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