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 Obedient Nations

Obedient Nations

What’s So Great about the Great Commission?

Stephen M. Spaulding

The book argues that the Great Commission is “very individualistic as well as highly corporate and nation-focused and touches on all the social/communal elements in between these two poles: family, tribe, community, city and

nation” (Kindle location 3705). Spaulding tracing the concept of “obedient nations” (discipling nations to obey all that Jesus commanded them) from Scriptures (using backward exegesis), in history, and relation to ecclesiology and eschatology. In the latter part of the book, he elaborates on the what, who, and how of discipling nations that encompass every domain of societal life, in view of the shifting global demographics, the need for church unity and collaboration in the kingdom of God, and the value of addressing the spirit realm nationally.

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