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Is the Commission Still Great?

Is the Commission Still Great?

8 Myths about Missions and What they Mean for the Church.

Steve Richardson

Steve Richardson, the President of Pioneers, has just published a new book with Moody Press called, "Is the Commission Still Great?: 8 Myths about Missions and What they Mean for the Church." Steve does a fantastic job of digging into 8 myths that are extremely prevalent in the Western culture surrounding missions.  If you were to poll your elders, church leadership or church members, you would find many who believe these myths to be true.

A few highlights:

1. Missions is Peripheral: 

 "Of all the missions perceptions we will consider, the primary importance of the Great Commission is the most crucial.  If we think of reaching the nations as just one of the many options God has given us for living meaningful lives that please Him, we will miss out on the most important invitation in all of history and a deep source of purpose and joy.  The Great Commission is the central message of the Bible, the burning passion of God, and the primary responsibility of the church in this age."

 (Richardson, Page 15)

2. Western Missionaries are Obsolete:

 "Are Western Missionaries obsolete?  The encouraging growth of the church in the Global South is unquestionably reshaping the missions landscape.  Our role and contributions are shifting.  But to conclude that any segment of the church no longer has a direct role to play is a misapplication of a wonderful reality.  Our Lord commanded us to pray for more laborers in the harvest, and He is answering our prayers by raising up godly and skilled emissaries from every corner of the earth.  The challenge for the Western church is to redouble our efforts in fresh and creative ways."

 (Richardson, Page 54)

3. Missions in Harmful: 

"The misperception that missionaries do more damage than good, as prevalent as it may be, should not discourage us from pressing onward with the task God has given us.  The reality is, missions is a lifeline for people and cultures all over the world.  Our missionary calling rests on theological foundations - the lostness of man, the provision of God, and the privilege of stewardship.  God created us, He sees the big picture, and He's given us a message of hope to convey to the peoples of the world.  If we have a genuine concern for other cultures, obeying the Great Commission is the most loving thing we can do."

 (Richardson, Page 147)

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