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Beyond Hospitality

Beyond Hospitality

Migration, Multiculturalism, and the Church

Charles A. Cook, Lauren Goldbeck and Lorajoy Tira- Dimangondayao (eds)

This edited volume sees Canada as a mosaic (“where, when intermingled, distinct individual pieces complete the whole”) and challenges the Canadian church to move beyond monocultural approaches to ministry, in light of the country’s migration and multicultural realities. It also seeks to inspire the church to embrace others beyond hospitality, and to bring down barriers of difference. The 18 chapters are divided into three major parts; namely: (1) foundations for moving beyond hospitality (viewing theological, demographic, and sociological challenges); and (2) forming identity beyond hospitality (discussing complexities of identity formation toward settlement and belonging); and (3) an invitation to move beyond hospitality (providing positive examples of the church engaging in deeds of mutuality and inclusiveness).

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