Researches and Reports

Researches and Reports


This study is designed to help you and your Boards to make decisions on the compensation level for the two senior roles in organisations. In most cases of 41 respondents, these two senior roles are the CEO and the CFO roles or their equivalent. We have also compared this data to the national NFP salary survey by proBONO.  The data covers all sizes of MI organisations and covers all states and territories. 

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A summary of the findings of an online conversation with missions leaders on May 22, 2020.

This article presents a summary of a missions leaders’ discussion held via Zoom on May 22, 2020, exploring the current impact of COVID-19 on the future of missions. Four questions were posed to the participants, who separated into break-out groups, with collective responses shared upon returning to the main session. Three clear themes arose from the discussions: an increasing interest in collaboration, the nationalisation/indigenisation of missions, and technological advancements as they relate to missions training and information sharing.

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Fourteen mission agencies originally confirmed intent in participation; eleven agencies ended up providing data. As we built the study, we sought to gain not only data on attrition numbers, but also to garner reasoning behind the missionaries’ transition from the organization. When we interacted with the agencies, we discovered a wide range of systems for analyzing attrition. Some had very basic human resource practices for documenting separation, while others had more robust systems to seek information from the field, home office, and the worker on why the transition was taking place. We sought to provide a tool for data collection that would allow those without a system to create one and for those with a more mature data set to be able to transfer information easily.

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How are women represented within senior leadership? 

What institutional, cultural and theological factors seem to encourage (or hinder) the use of women’s gifts in leadership?

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