Mission and Disability Engagement (MADE) Network

Mission and Disability Engagement (MADE) Network

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Why the MADE network exists? 

Through disability, Christians have the opportunity to display God’s power and glory most clearly to those we seek to reach. Yet, there is a risk that the missions movement might adopt a secular perspective of skill and success rather than a biblical one. There is a tendency to engage those who seem to have it all together, are intelligent, gifted communicators, physically fit, and winsome – the people who make Christians look good in every way – to be pastors and missionaries. However, God is particularly interested in the humble – in those who admit their need for him. He has a knack for using great combinations of abilities and disabilities for his glory. 

This network exists to explore how our approach to the mission can include those with a disability, whether through advocacy, policy, practical support in preparation and/or on the field or in other ways. We celebrate stories of people with disability in mission and inspire others with a disability to explore the call. 

Why? So the missions movement will be blessed, as Jesus says in Luke 14:13-14!

Can I join the MADE network?

If the above or any of the following activities inspire you, please join us:

  • Compiling case studies of families/people with disability and the impact of that disability for the Missio Dei

  • Sharing experiences and case studies from your agency

  • Discussing common issues faced in including/sending people with disability

  • Sharing resources on sending people with disability

  • Developing a disability inclusion policy for your agency

  • Undertaking a disability inclusion audit and planning process for your organisation  


The group meets 2-3 times each year.

We generally meet online, and will occasionally organise a face-to-face meeting coinciding with a missions event. 


MADE Policy Template PDF

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