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Cross-cultural workers live in a stressful environment, often experiencing a continual stream of incidents which can affect their physical and mental health. It can also impact their efficiency and ability to carrying out their call. Living in a culture that is not your own alone is stressful and living without the normal support systems that we all have of family, friends and church, means that often additional, outside support is needed. The aim of member care is to provide support not only to help a person survive but to help them develop resilience and reliance on God to learn from their situation and ultimately equip them to thrive in an “alien’ environment.

Member care personnel within an organisation and those para organisations that focus on assisting cross-cultural workers need support, continual training and connection to enable them to be the providers of the support needed.

 The member care networks exist to assist in providing these needs.

National, Regional and Global Contacts:

Karen Newnham –

Bruce Newnham –

As well as working with Bruce in Australia, Karen is the regional contact for the Global Member Care Network.

Western Australia:

Margaret Thatcher -


Paul Rayside - Paul Rayside - 

New South Wales:

Jenny Fallon -

Sandy Wade-Ferrell -

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