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You would be aware that as a current associate/member of MI, your organisation has almost 11 months to revise the policies and prepare the ECS documents to comply with new MI Standards before the next year renewals in July 2021. For new applicants, MI Standards are active from 1 July 2020.  

However, some of the organisations have already started to implement new MI Standards and raised a valid point:  some of our constituents may be subject to several accreditations and/or organisational standards requirements which overlap with MI Standards – in particular the ACFID and CMA Standards Council (CMASC) Standards. Since our intent was never to impose a greater compliance burden than necessary, but rather help our members, we have reviewed the ACFID (full members’ standards) and CMASC Standards for common ground.  

As a result, we have created two MI Standards Statement Extracts to provide a comparison tool to organisations fully accredited with ACFID or/and CMASC. You will now be required to provide less number of evidence of your compliance with MI Standards Statement, subject to providing proof of your annual membership renewal with ACFID or CMA SC. 

Please see your relevant document below:

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