MEMBER CARE (open resources)

MEMBER CARE (open resources)

Some Useful Sources

Travel Guide

Vacation Disaster Preparation Safety Guide

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • Helpful and actionable tips and advice about travel emergencies and disaster awareness whilst travelling or vacationing abroad and what travelers can do to prepare for and stay safe in case of an emergency.

  • Key stats and figures about travel safety and natural disasters across the world, including the countries most and least at risk to calamities, different types of natural disasters, the risk of terrorism and political unrest, and examples of major and personal emergencies to prepare for.

  • Practical and useful travel safety information such as emergency hotline numbers across the world, what to do in case disaster strikes, advice if you are injured or hospitalised abroad, when to contact your embassy for assistance, and other helpful advice. 

  • A travel safety checklist to help you prepare for emergencies and links to other useful resources and information online about overseas travel safety and disaster preparedness.

Tourism during COVID

How to practise responsible tourism during COVID-19

The guide tells us:

  • How COVID-19 affected travel;

  • The information about how, where and when to travel;

  • Essential advice for going on holiday;

  • Useful links and resources.

Passports AU


Here you can finf all information regarding Australian passports: how to apply or renew, urgent appliactions, news regardings passpports and etc.


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