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Missions Interlink Language  Learning

MILL is a pre-departure program designed to help people develop the skills, methods, techniques and attitudes necessary to learn another language.

What is MILL about?

Learning to communicate in another language is a vital part of cross-cultural ministry. Yet many people go to the field without adequate preparation for learning a new language. Being equipped with tools to help in the task of language learning can reduce some of the stress of living and working in a cross-cultural environment.

The course explores issues in language acquisition, phonetics and basic linguistic principles. The focus is practical, giving experience working with native speakers, and individual consultations relating to specific languages and ministry contexts.

Gain a fresh perspective on language learning, while acquiring skills, confidence, flexibility and a boost to beginning language learning.

About the Programme

Language learning is a difficult task for many people but there are resources that can dramatically transform the degree of success you can have. MILL is a course designed to help boost your confidence and ability.

  • Be introduced to a variety of language learning techniques and ideas.

  • Learn to take responsibility for your own language learning.

  • Practise what you are learning with native speakers of a new language.

  • Gain insight into the nature of language and language study.

  • Discover your personal language learning style.

  • Learn to make and distinguish sounds of many different languages.

  • Leave with a folder and CD of resources to help you begin the task.

  • Receive individual support and advice relevant to your specific situation.

  • Network with others on a similar journey.

  • Have fun!

The course is run by qualified linguists with on-field experience.


"The MILL course is highly worthwhile for anyone embarking on language learning for mission! It is a very thoughtful mix of theoretical and practical, general and specific, technical and accessible. I feel motivated and empowered to press forward in the task of learning my target language!"

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