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Missions Interlink Language  Learning

Missions Interlink Language Learning (MILL)

MILL is a pre-departure program that teaches attitudes, tools and techniques for successful language learning.

What is MILL about?

Learning to communicate well in another language is a vital part of cross-cultural relationships and ministry. It is through language that we share ourselves and make Jesus knowable. Yet many people head out without adequate preparation for learning a new language.

Whether you plan to attend a language school or learn directly from a native speaker, MILL will give you a fresh perspective on language learning and increase your confidence in a supportive and encouraging environment. MILL will give you practical resources, skills, strategies, and tools to boost your language-learning journey and overcome potential language-learning challenges.

At MILL you will:

Gain insight into the nature of language and language learning.

Be introduced to a variety of language-learning tools and techniques.

Practise learning a new language with native speakers – without a textbook!

Learn to distinguish and produce the sounds of other languages.

Be empowered to guide your own language-learning journey.

Gain access to a detailed language-learning manual and a wide variety of language-learning materials and resources.

Receive individual support and advice relevant to your specific situation.

Network with others on a similar journey.

Have fun!

The course is developed and run by qualified linguists and anthropologists with extensive lived experience in other cultures.


“The MILL course is highly worthwhile for anyone embarking on language learning for mission! It is a very thoughtful mix of theoretical and practical, general, and specific, technical and accessible. I feel motivated and empowered to press forward in the task of learning my target language!”

“MILL was a fantastic first step in the process of beginning to think about learning a new language. MILL has given me the resources to take away that I can look back on later to refresh my ideas and thoughts.”

“The course had a great balance of encouragement and realism. I've come away with excitement to get stuck into language learning but I’m also much more aware of potential challenges ahead and strategies to keep going.”

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