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MI Advanced Security Training

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MI Advanced Security Training

Missions Interlink Advanced Security Training (MAST)

Missions Interlink security training is biblically and principles based personal security training conducted specifically for Christian cross-cultural workers to help provide them with foundational skills to be safe when travelling and serving in a cross-cultural context.

This is a two-day, face-to-face course that incorporates indoor and outdoor training, and role-play sessions. Participants are trained on relevant topics facing believers working in open and restricted access areas, including

Theology of risk: What does the Bible say about risk?

Prevention, Preparation, Response, Recovery: Fortifying yourself.

Situational awareness: A heart and mind for all situations.

Hostile observation: Are you being followed?

Responding to violence: Recognising the threat and being prepared to act.

Confidence when questioned: Crafting the right response.

Vehicle safety and security: Surviving on the road.

Resilience in detention: Tips for endurance and recovery when detained.

Note 1: Cyber Security is no longer covered in MAST (although it may form a part of discussions) – this topic is covered in a separate specialised MI Cyber Security training program.

Note 2: While participants will be exposed to elements of stress during practical exercises, the MAST program does not include high intensity exercise exposure. High intensity exposure is aimed at stress inoculation which is only achievable with repeated training delivered over an extended period of time and/or over multiple sessions. Training that aims to provide stress inoculation is delivered by other training organisations.

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