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Missions Interlink National Office

PO Box 5214, Pinewood VIC 3149
Phone: 03 9037 6417 (Admin) | 03 9013 4004 (Accounts & events) Mobile: 0481 349 946 (National Director)
Email: admin@missionsinterlink.org.au
Office hours Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
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MI New South Wales

Regional director MI NSW: Judy Kay, judy@missionsinterlink.org.au
State Admin and MI Event Coordinator: Danielle Smith, nsw@missionsinterlink.org.au
Phone: 0420 940 733
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MI Northern Territory

PO Box 1907, Katherine, NT 0851
State Co-ordinator: Rachel Borneman, nt@missionsinterlink.org.au
Phone: 0412 998 594
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MI Queensland

For all inquiries in Queensland please email: national@missionsinterlink.org.au
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MI South Australia

State Admin: Geoff Colton, sa@missionsinterlink.org.au
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MI Victoria

PO Box 5214, Pinewood VIC 3149
State Chair: Alan Baker, alannolabaker@gmail.com
State Admin: Sheila Stewart, vic@missionsinterlink.org.au
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MI Western Australia

Regional Director for WAPeter Warren, wa@missionsinterlink.org.au
Phone: 08 9497 3000 | Mobile: 0417 916 323

National Leadership Team Representative: Rachel McNulty rach.mcnulty@wec.com.au
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PO Box 5214 Pinewood VIC 3149 During covid: 0481 349 946 admin@missionsinterlink.org.au