MIST Facilitators Resources

MIST Facilitators Resources


MIST Facilitator Training Resources

MIST Facilitator's Self-reflection Tool 2018

MIST Course Materials 4 Facilitators

MIST Facilitators Manual v-01-10-2020

MIST Participants Manual v_01-10-2020

MIST Participants Manual COVER (frontpage)


MIST-State-Coordinator-Report-Form-v2020_3  Please fill this in after each MIST and send it to the MIST National Coordinator at cbird@cms.org.au. 

To do this, please download and open this pdf file. Then, scroll down the right-hand pane of Adobe Acrobat Reader and select 'Fill in and sign'. This should enable you to edit the file and save it, before sending it to the MIST National Coordinator.

MIST-Group-Volunteer-Agreement-Form-Template 2020

Volunteer Agreement (generic) Template

MI Events Guide v4.1 March 2019

MI Events with CHILDREN

MI Incident Report

AEA Statement of Faith

MIST Terms of Reference April 2019 vFinal

MIST Certificate 2018

Catering for MIST UPD 2016

MIST-TryBooking-Website-Email-v16-04-2019 (Example of an automated email sent out to respond to registrations of participants)

MIST Facilitator Role Description v2018_August_Final



Email to all facilitators Pre-MIST including links to resources - Send out about 4-6 weeks prior v_04-04-2019

MIST Pre-meeting v2019

To_do_Before_MIST_&_Packing_List_4 Coordinator

MIST Facilitator's Feedback Meeting v2019

New MIST Facilitator Orientation Checklist

MIST Copyright_permissions_spreadsheet_v2019

MIST Facilitators Volunteer Agreements

MIST VIC Job Descriptions 2020 - v1


MIST Hofstede Cultural Dimensions

MIST Hofstede 6D graphs

MIST Baffa Baffa Game Alpha Culture

MIST Baffa Baffa Game Beta Culture

MIST Baffa Baffa Game Gamma Culture

MIST Baffa Baffa Game Delta Culture

MIST Participant Resources

MIST Preparation Activities

MIST Participant - Pre-Reading

MIST Participant - Additional Pre-Reading

MIST Promotional and Admin Resources

MIST Promotional Video - 90 secs

MIST Promotional Video - 15 secs (Social Media)

MIST General Brochure A5 vJuly2019 (Adjusted by MI Office - admin@missionsinterlink.org.au)

MIST General Brochure-A4 (Adjusted by MI Office - admin@missionsinterlink.org.au)

MIST Advertisement PDF (for use in Bulletins etc)

MIST Debrief Event Flyer

MIST Admin Resources

MIST National Meeting Resources (held annually)

Supplementary Material - Suggested Edits for MIST Manuals and PowerPoints

MIST Learning Outcomes 2020 & comments ES

Applications Scenarios for MIST april 19

Updates for the Manual


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