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WA Breakfast: Contextualization in Global-Local World

26 Nov

WA Breakfast: Contextualization in Global-Local World

| Perth Bible College

Contextualization in Global-Local World

“Contextualization happens everywhere the church exists.  And by church, I’m referring to the people of God rather than to buildings.  Contextualization refers to how those people live out their faith in light of the values of their societies.  It is not limited to theology, architecture, church polity, ritual, training, art, or spiritual experience: it includes them all and more.  Whether we meet in cushioned pews in climate-controlled European Gothic cathedrals, or take the Lord’s Supper of potato bread and palm wine, or actively seek supernatural signs and wonders, or sculpt expression of our faith from tragedy to triumph, or enter sweat lodges to face our sin and find purification, or go to early morning prayer meetings or late-night concerts, we are all in the process of expressing or engaging our faith in highly contextual ways” (A. Scott Moreau, 2018, Contextualizing the Faith, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids).

Since the time of Paul and the early apostles, the followers of Christ had to adapt to the contexts into which they brought the Gospel, in order to communicate it clearly and to allow new believers to express their faith in a relevant way.  The same is true even today, not just for those working cross-culturally in foreign contexts, but also here in Australia in an increasing multi-cultural and multi-generational society.  How do we, as Church, think about these contextual challenges, and how do we prepare cross-cultural workers and those in the pew to be contextualized in their own communities, in our city, around Australia and in the world?

At the next Missions Interlink Breakfast on 26 November, we will focus on the issue of Contextualization in a Global-Local world from three perspectives:

  • HF will share her experience growing up in a Christian family in East Asia, being part of the underground church and observing foreign missionaries contextualizing the Gospel in that context.
  • Mike Webb will take us on a short journey about his experience as a missionary on a small predominantly Muslim island in South-East Asia and a Pacific island, in adapting the Gospel to these foreign contexts.
  • Anton Beukes will look at the ways local churches can train and prepare their members to be culturally relevant in their own societies.


Thursday, 26 November 2020

07:15 for 07:30 start, till 09:00 am | Perth, WA time (GMT +8)


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Presenter’s Bio

HF is an international Master of Theology student at one of the Bible Colleges in Perth and has extensive working experience in business consultation in various parts of the world.  HF, her husband and two daughters have been living in Perth for the last three and half years while for her theological studies.  She is preparing to go to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Chicago, Illinois, to focus on Intercultural Studies.

MIKE WEBB, along with his wife, Fiona and four children have returned to Australia after serving with a mission agency in South East Asia for the last 15 years. During his time there, Mike served as a church-planter on a small island sharing the gospel with Muslims. After this Mike relocated to a Pacific island where he worked as the Area Leader, raising up new teams and training teams to reach Muslims with the love of Jesus. Training church-planters and church leaders with contextual methods for reaching Muslims has been both a joy and challenge, but God in his graciousness has blessed the work with many Muslims coming to Christ. Mike is passionate about the lost and training people to be effective ambassadors of Christ to the nations. Since Mike’s return to Australia, he done some consultancy on global mission with Trinity Theological College and has returned to study, so that he can equip the next generation of missionaries.

ANTON BEUKES was born and grew up in South Africa as a missionary kid whose father worked among some of the South-east Bantu nations in northern South Africa.  Even from a young age he had a strong desire to be involved in missions. Anton’s studies led to him gaining a Doctor of Divinity degree with a specialization in Missiology and a thesis on the Missiological Perspectives of Short-term Outreaches.

Since 2001, Anton has served mainly in three areas of ministry: mobilizing the local church for missions (in South Africa, Canada and the USA), theological training and equipping (Australia) and with mission organizations (South Africa, Canada and Greece).  He returned to Perth, WA, in January 2019 to work at Perth Bible College (done so previously from 2005-2008 and 2013-214) as Dean of Studies and Missions Lecturer.  He has a passion to see the local church being mobilized for missions, local and international.  He has developed a number of partnerships within the churches that he served, and he promotes partnerships and strong relationships between local churches and mission organizations, both at home and on the field.

Anton serves on the Western Australian State Ministry Team of Missions Interlink, and Perth Bible College is an Associate of Missions Interlink.


Contact Peter Warren at wa@missionsinterlink.org.au or at 0417 916 323


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