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R.O.A.R.’s Safety Training for Women

7 Nov

R.O.A.R.’s Safety Training for Women

| City Life Church




Welcome to R.O.A.R. (Realistic Optimum Adaptive Readiness.) This is about life, enjoying it, living it, and always being ready for what this world throws at you! This advanced awareness and self-defense course has been designed specifically for you and it is your day! Taught by former members of United States, Australia, and British Specialty Units and their wives; who have lived the life with them. This course is delivered by those who have real world experience having to defend themselves, not just instructors having learned techniques in a karate dojo or classroom setting.

Sanctuary International In partnership with Missions Interlink


07 November 2019  | 9am – 4.30pm
Trainers: Johnny & Tia Smith

Johnny & Tia will both facilitate the course. Johnny was a C.I.A. Special Agent, Founder of R.O.A.R & MAST Trainer. Tia will be involved heavily in the actual self defense piece as it’s important to see the techniques work regardless of size or gender. She will coach throughout the practical exercises.

“When you are fighting 2 assailants over a gun in a bathroom stall, you learn something about your primal self.” – Johnny Smith

1 Day Course

Spirit of the Lion / Protect your pride: Good Security Foundations.

R.O.A.R. Active Defense: The six gates, surviving the storm, escape.

Threat Recognition, Awareness: The criminal attack cycle, body language and threat recognition, O.O.D.A. Your Superpower.

R.O.A.R. Striking Techniques: Effective striking, becoming the storm, escape.

Carjacking Mitigation and Survival / Attacks inside a vehicle: Best practices on surviving a carjacking scenario.

Active Shooter / Aggressor Survival; Riots and Demonstrations: Case study and techniques to survive an active shooter or aggressor incident.


Fees are GST free

This training is subject to the number of registrations. 

Training fee: $420
Discounted fee: $280

For MI Members & Associates only.

On registration, you will only be asked to pay a deposit of $100 per person.

Full fee includes morning tea and lunch.

In instances that the course will be cancelled, a full refund will be issued. Otherwise, if course is not cancelled, you’ll receive instructions on how to pay your remaining balance and deposit(s) is (are) non refundable.

Please register your interest by 05 October 2019.

Register here.


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