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MIWA Networking Breakfast

28 May

MIWA Networking Breakfast

| North Beach Baptist Church

You’re invited to join us for breakfast with our Special Guest Speaker, Dr Omar Djoeandy, SIM International

Topic: Redefining Success in Ministry

” How does Jesus define success?  To be “rich towards God” by being dependent on him as His children, kingdom focused and generous to the poor.
A major challenge for Pastors, Ministry Leaders, Missionaries, is that for many people ministry “success” is often linked to numbers, dollars and prestige.  But is the other extreme of no growth or stagnation acceptable to Jesus when He calls us to be faithful stewards and be fruitful?  How does Jesus define success for ministry and how do we avoid the extremes of result driven or accepting mediocrity?”


Tuesday 28 May

7:15 am – 9:00 am


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Peter Warren, wa@missionsinterlink.org.au or text to 0417 916 323

More details coming soon.


North Beach Baptist Church

10 Groat Street, North Beach

Western Australia, 6020


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