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Transition Training (TT)

Transition Training (TT)

5th March 2021


Missions Interlink Advanced Security Training (MAST)

This is an interactive course that incorporates classroom learning, indoor and outdoor training, and role-play sessions. Participants are trained on relevant topics facing believers working in open and restricted access areas, including

  • Laying the Foundation: Developing a theology of risk & personal security in the context of ministry
  • (Re)-Defining Safe: Security best practices for higher-risk environments
  • What’s in a Question? Crafting an appropriate response to questions, queries and demands
  • Getting in and Staying in: Building legal, social, and moral credibility via legal status
  • Online Know-how: Cyber and social media safety and security
  • Abating Violence: Recognize criminal & terrorist behaviours via body language; Threat recognition
  • From Run, Hide, Fight to MDACC: Surviving active shooters and violent encounters
  • Surviving the Worst: An expat’s guide to government detainment and hostage-taking
  • Situational Awareness: Understanding hostile observation and surveillance
  • Drive to Survive: Vehicle safety and security


Tentative Dates

Sydney (Fri-Sunday)

5-7 March or 26-28 March

Melbourne (Mon-Wed)

8-10 March or 29-31 March

We are still monitoring updates in regard to the covid19 guidelines for a covid-safe event. We will update this page for any new information we will have.




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