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MAST Nov 2020 (MAST Level 1)

6 Nov

MAST Nov 2020 (MAST Level 1)

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Thank you all for being very patient and understanding as we continuously weigh our options for the MI Advanced Security Training (MAST) in November 2020. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions still placed in Victoria and on international and domestic travels we have decided to cancel the November 2020 training.

Kindly note that the following March 2021 MAST dates are tentative and are subject to change without prior notice. 

Sydney (Fri-Sunday)

5-7 March or 26-28 March

Melbourne (Mon-Wed)

8-10 March or 29-31 March


Also, we are in the process of planning a webinar in early December 2020 about the importance of getting trained in security before being sent out. This webinar is not a training.  It will be free for all MI Members & Associates. More details will be sent out in the coming weeks.


Contact Missions Interlink | Avy, avy@missionsinterlink.org.au


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