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Our Foundations

Our Vision

Revelation 7:9  ….and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the Lamb…..

Our vision is to see churches in Australia effectively engaging in cross-cultural and global mission.

Our task towards achieving this vision is to build the capacity of Member and Associate organisations and we do this through collaboration and representation by building:

Community: Connecting members nationally, regionally, and internationally through information sharing, events, prayer, and common-interest networks.

Competency: Providing training, resources, workshops, research and information to support and promote the cross-cultural and global mission.

Credibility: Representing members to the government on matters of common interest and concern, and initiating and coordinating collaborative action.

Integrity: Promoting and facilitating best practice and unity and providing assistance and support to member organisations.

Our strategy document can be found here.

Our History

Missions Interlink was established as a national body (the Missions Commission of the Australian Evangelical Alliance (AEA)) in 1986. At that time most Australian states already had mission networks with separate identities and memberships, the oldest of which was Evangelical Missionary Alliance (EMA) which was established in NSW in the 1940s.

In the late 1990s Missions Interlink established its own identity and national leadership team as a semi-autonomous sub-entity of AEA. However it was not until 2005 that it was decided to combine the separate state bodies into one national organisation. At that time the state mission networks took on a common identity as branches of Missions Interlink and membership was nationalised.

In 2012 Missions Interlink became the sole activity of AEA. AEA’s other activities were reorganised as separate legal enitities linked together by an EA Family Covenant of co-operation and fellowship. The other members of the Covenant are Ethos Centre for Christianity and Society, EA Foundation, EA Insurance, and CMA.

Our Structure

The activities of Missions Interlink are guided by the MI Regulations and overseen by the MI National Leadership Team (NLT).

Recognised MI State Branches are guided by State Guidelines, and their activities are overseen by their State Leadership Team. Each State Branch has a representative on the NLT.

The NLT serves as a reference group for AEA. The governance of AEA is undertaken in accordance with the AEA Rules.

Our Basis of Faith and Integrity

Missions Interlink Members and Associates ascribe to the EA Statement of Faith and agree to abide by the MI Standards and Core Values. Member use of the Missions Interlink logo implies high standards of governance and financial accountability, giving the Christian public assurance of their integrity.

Our Core Values

Member organisations share a common commitment to the following core values.

1. The Nature of Mission
We believe that Mission:

  1. Has its source in the self-giving love of the Triune God.
  2. Is the responsibility of all God’s people and grows out of participation in a worshipping community.
  3. Involves proclaiming and living the Gospel especially where it is unknown, ignored or repudiated.
  4. Embraces holistic involvement in both evangelism and social concern.
  5. Requires personal experience of salvation in Christ and life in the Spirit.

2. The Context of Mission
We take seriously:

  1. The historical and cultural identity of all people-groups as God’s creatures.
  2. The need to communicate God’s unchanging Gospel meaningfully and relevantly to all people-groups.
  3. The power inherent in cultures, including our own, to distort the truth.
  4. Any opposition present in non-Christian world-views and belief systems to God’s purposes in his world.

3. The Central Convictions undergirding Mission
We uphold and proclaim:

  1. The love of the Triune God for His creation, the people of the world all made in His image, and their accountability to Him.
  2. The authority and full trustworthiness of the Bible.
  3. The necessity of salvation found only in Christ, to avoid the consequences of sin which has distorted the essential dignity of humanity and caused its alienation from God through the fall.
  4. The uniqueness of Christ and the centrality of His death, resurrection, present rule and future personal return, and the necessity of personal return, and the necessity of personal faith in Him.
  5. The transforming and enabling work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


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