Missions Interlink

Our National Ministries

Our National Ministries

ICT Network

The key activity of this network is an annual conference on computing and missions.

This community comes together each year at International Conference on Computing and Missions (ICCM) Australia to learn from each other, share what we’ve learned during the year and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus Christ.

ICCM Australia focuses on building a community of relationships, providing a relaxed forum for people to meet personally and to share ideas, opportunities and experiences, information and expertise, to help us all better use our God-given gifts and skills in His service.

Our focus is on the community of people working with technology in Christian missions, be they business managers, novices, or technical specialists. Who are we? What have we accomplished this year? What can we learn from each other, to work more effectively in the year to come? What do we need to know about advances in technology and mission computing opportunities?

See more at ICCM Australia

Member Care

A range of opportunities for Member Care training, resources and networking opportunities are provided through Missions Interlink nationally.

The MI State Member Care Network events and ministries are co-ordinated by a National Member Care Co-ordinator, Karen Ellis (anz5karen@gmail.com).

The Aldinga Beach Retreat is a national ministry of Missions Interlink.

Aldinga beach retreat house

Mission Training

This national network exists to for those within the Missions Interlink community who have an involvement or interest in training cross-cultural missionaries. It provides a platform for the exchange of news, ideas, resources and questions that might be of interest to the whole group. It also hosts, when required, gatherings at state or national level, and, where appropriate, in conjunction with other conferences of Missions Interlink or organisations such as the South Pacific Association of Bible Colleges. The network draws upon the resources of the World Evangelic Alliance and the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelisation, through whom it can draw upon the experience and specialisms of mission trainers around the world. The network is also a place to collaborate in and share training events and services, respond to needs, and advertise for mission trainer vacancies.

Contact: Darrell Jackson (training@missionsinterlink.org.au) or via the Missions Interlink National Office



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