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AIFC Course

Australian Institute of Family Counselling  (AIFC) takes a comprehensive and balanced approach to counselling training that integrates psychology, theology and spirituality. Theology helps us know and grow in God’s ways and increases our understanding of our need for Him, psychology helps generate an awareness of self and spirituality involves developing your healing relationship.

Link: http://www.aifc.com.au/

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Kairos Course

The Kairos Course is a dynamic course that focuses on what God is doing around the world, in fulfillment of His global purpose. It is designed to educate and mobilize Christians and local churches into strategic, 21st century, world Christian mission.

Link: http://www.kairoscourse.org/

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MissionSeek is an Internet based system using the latest technology to effectively connect Christians to ministry opportunities.

Link: https://www.missionseek.com.au

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Pathways to Mission

A resource from WEC help find your pathway to mission.

Link: https://wec-uk.org/stories/mission-me

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