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Ola Serramoni Langa Baibul : Ceremonies in the Bible


This booklet, written by Greg Anderson, explores ceremonies in the New and Old Testaments, Christian ceremonies today, Aboriginal ceremonies and what the Bible teaches about these.

This booklet is written in English and in Kriol language. Kriol is a language spoken in north Australia. You can download a copy here.

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Ideas for Developing Mission Vision


Ideas for Developing Mission Vision is an 11 page PDF (download here), published by the Joshua Project, that is full of ideas, websites, training opportunities and other resources to help individuals and churches develop a vision for cross-cultural mission.

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Australian Research


These fact sheets have been prepared from 2016 National Church Life Survey .

Attender views on other religions in 2016

Attenders on Mission Trips in 2016

Support for Overseas Workers in 2016

Missions Trips Organised by Australian Churches 2015-2016

Support for People in Developing Countries in 2016

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ChildSafe Limited exists to serve organisations working with children and young people, with the goal of improved child safety. ChildSafe resources are suitable for all types of community organisations. They are an initiative of Scripture Union Australia, who conceived and developed ChildSafe as an internal project before creating ChildSafe Limited as a separate entity in 2007. ChildSafe actively partner with many churches, schools and other community organisations.

For more information, visit www.childsafe.org.au

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The (Australian) Journey towards long-term missionary Service

Richard Hibbert (SMBC), Evelyn Hibbert (Sydney College of Divinity), and Tim Silberman (SMBC) have published a study of the factors that are influential in current missionaries’ decisions to serve God long-term. They discovered that the three key influences in the decision to become long-term missionaries were: meeting missionaries and other missions-minded people; participating in short-term mission trips; and being exposed to the world and its needs.

The full article, published in Missiology: An International Review, can be found here.

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Access cross-cultural training resources for discipleship and church planting.

Link: http://accesstruth.com/

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Short-Term Mission Guide for Churches


An easy to read resource and guide for churches or groups embarking on short-term mission.

Is your church planning a short-term mission trip? Do you want to ensure your mission is gospel-focused, God-centred, as well as beneficial for everyone involved?

This guide goes through the goals and values of short-term mission, as well as key the components of a trip: pre-field, on-field and post-field. Know what questions to ask and which steps to take to help ensure your mission is a success.

Attachment: Short-term mission guide for churches.pdf

(At Mission Seek you can see current short term mission trips)

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Indigenous Ministry in the Top End – Cross Cultural Insights


Cross Cultural Insights

A great resource for those working or travelling in the Top End: “Indigenous Ministry in the Top End – Cross Cultural Insights,” compiled by Rachel Borneman & Chris Garner, is a handy guide to some of the cultural differences. This is an introductory pack of information to meet the needs of people new to cross cultural work in the Top End of the Northern Territory.

The information in this free resource has been compiled from various sources and from information gathered from people who have worked in partnership with Indigenous people around the Top End and with input from Indigenous people. It has been written and compiled as a support for ministry teams, churches, Christian schools and individuals seeking to support kingdom work in partnership with Indigenous people.

You can download a free e-version of the book below, or buy a hardcopy here.

Attachment: Indigenous Ministry in the Top End Cross-Cultural Insights

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Ask a Missionary

A website that answers questions for those considering cross-cultural mission for 1 year or more.
Link: http://www.askamissionary.com/

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